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With proper drainage systems in place, your foundation is protected

Water doesn’t have to be the enemy

Your crawl space or basement may be wet if you are having drainage problems around your home. Good news…we can fix this! We have multiple drainage solutions that can stop the damage and permanently resolve your drainage problem. We can install french drains, finger space drains, creek beds, catch basins, retaining walls, proper grading, and more. The bottom line, you want to direct water away from your foundation for optimal protection. We can incorporate drainage solutions for low-lying areas in your yard as well to alleviate standing water. Our waterproofing contractor and team here at Archie's Veteran Waterproofing deliver the best in customer service and we are here to help! Areas we serve include Cumming, Alpharetta, Roswell, Canton, and Buford, GA.

Drainage solution being installed on home

As a homeowner, can I help with drainage?

Yes. There are things you can do as routine maintenance that help. One of the easiest things you can do is keep your gutters clean. When your gutters get clogged and water overflows directly onto your foundation, it can cause erosion and water intrusion over time, no matter the drainage system in place. Another way you can prevent drainage problems is to be mindful of your current grading. Try not to alter your current grading around your foundation when adding new plants or hardscaping. You may not realize you’ve created a grading and drainage problem until you notice water in your crawl space or basement.

Is your yard turning into a swamp?

Standing water in your yard can do damage and prevent grass from growing. Plus it can cause a slow draining of surface and groundwater that can make its way to your foundation. We have great yard drainage solutions for these low-lying areas in your yard. These include french drains, creek beds, retaining walls, and more. When that big rainstorm moves through, you no longer have to worry about your yard flooding and causing problems.

Yard Drainage

At Archie's Veteran Waterproofing, we understand the importance of maintaining proper yard drainage to protect your property from potential water damage. Standing water damages your grass and creates a breeding ground for pesky mosquitoes. Moreover, standing water in the yard can cause damage to your crawlspace or basement nearby. That's why our expert team is dedicated to installing effective drainage systems tailored to your property's needs. By strategically placing french drains and yard drains, we ensure that excess water is efficiently directed away from your home and yard, preventing the formation of standing water and safeguarding your foundation. With our specialized expertise, you can bid farewell to soggy lawns and welcome a dry, protected outdoor space.

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If you’re constantly faced with a flooded yard after a storm, give us a call. Leaky basements and crawl spaces can be caused by these flooded areas if they are too close to your foundation. It’s time to rid your yard and foundation of surface and groundwater concerns. Water damage to your home's foundation can be expensive to repair. Prevention is the key. When you work with our team at Archie's Veteran Waterproofing in Cumming, GA, you can benefit from drainage solutions that prevent the problem before it starts. Call us today at 706-703-2332 for a free estimate!

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