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Over time, the sun’s rays, temperature fluctuations, snow, heavy vehicles, oil, and chemicals can cause damage to your driveway, not to mention stains. The job of the sealant is to keep these items from penetrating or making their way underneath your asphalt or concrete and causing damage. Think of seal coating as a preventive maintenance project necessary to keep your driveway, walkway, and paths protected and looking their best. Sealed every few years can do the trick. We seal coat driveways, both asphalt and poured concrete, along with walkways and paths around your home.

Seal Coating

Seal coating asphalt driveways

While various asphalt seal coatings can be purchased at your local hardware store, there are a few things to keep in mind. Seal coatings for asphalt driveways aren’t intended to be used to fill in potholes and large cracks like many homeowners think. Before you apply a seal coat to your asphalt driveway, large cracks and potholes need to be addressed, and hiring a professional ensures your driveway maintenance is handled correctly. We have the best tools and equipment and always stay up to date on the best techniques and processes to best serve our customers.

Seal coating poured concrete

Concrete sealers come in many forms. Going alone, it can get confusing learning the difference between solvent-based sealers, penetrating sealers, and water-based sealers. Our professionals are here to highlight each product and which product is right for your desired outcome.

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Let’s take a look at your driveway, walkway, or path and see if it’s time for a seal coating. Seal coating is a cost-effective way to preserve the life of your asphalt or concrete. Taking the time to have your asphalt or concrete sealed now will pay off for years. Call us today at 706-703-2332.

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