Archibald Smith Plantation Home

Located at 935 Alpharetta St, Roswell, GA 30075,  the Archibald Smith Plantation Home is a historic house museum that was once home to the Smith family. The home was constructed by enslaved labor and now houses many original artifacts and furnishings that showcase the lives of three generations of the Smith family. The property also includes the original outbuildings like the barn, carriage house, and corn crib. The house has a vernacular architecture and is listed on the AAA's Gems list of historic places.

The Archibald Smith Plantation Home is one of the top attractions in North Fulton County, Georgia. The home was built with slave labor in 1845 and is surrounded by 300 acres of cotton farmland. The house survived the Sherman's occupation of north Georgia. The slaves who were freed did not return to the plantation. Additional info

The Archibald Smith Plantation Home is located next to Roswell's municipal complex on Alpharetta St. The home was built in 1845 by Archibald Smith, a wealthy businessman who also built homes for his neighbors. The Smith family lived in the house for 40 years before it was burned down. The ruins of the original house can be seen at the Roswell Historical Society.

The Smith family raised four children in the home. Archibald Jr. married Mary Norvell Smith. In 1940, the Smith Plantation was restored by Archibald Smith's son Arthur William Smith. In 1992, the house was opened to the public as a house museum. It was later added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2006.

The Archibald Smith Plantation Home is a historic home built in the 1840s and was lived in by three generations of the Smith family. The home features original furnishings and personal belongings of the Smith family. The home also features a carriage house and authentic cookhouse. There are also relics of slaves of African descent.

The Smith Plantation Home was opened as a museum in 1992. In the following years, Lane Greene completed sensitive restorations of the plantation's outbuildings. The main house was restored with indoor plumbing and electricity. Other major restorations included the rebuilding of the wood structure over the well and the outhouse. In 2002, the barn underwent major repairs. Throughout the process, Lane Greene avoided turning the main house into a Tara image while preserving its vernacular simplicity. Browse next article

The original architecture of the house features arched roofs, stone mantels, and cornice walls. It sits on a large lot that was once a sugar plantation. The main floor is two stories and features an oval entryway with a large circular door at the center of the main floor. The home has an attached chicken coop.

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